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Rewriting Strange Leaflet in Phoenix and LiveSvelte

Another rewrite of Strange Leaflet? Yes! Still with the power of Svelte but now with Phoenix on the backend.

Running Kafka locally in Kubernetes using Minikube

Let's run Kafka in Kubernetes using Minikube and then connect to a topic using kcat running on our host machine.

Rebooting this blog in Svelte and SvelteKit

In which I explain a bit of why and how I'm writing my personal blog in SvelteKit instead of a backend like Phoenix.

Rewriting my Protohackers repo as an umbrella app

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Add more OTP implementation of Speed Daemon - sdball/protohackers

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More OTP solution for Protohackers Problem 5 - sdball/protohackers

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Solving Protohackers Problem 6 - sdball/protohackers

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Add MobInTheMiddleServer - sdball/protohackers

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