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Add more OTP implementation of Speed Daemon - sdball/protohackers

Commit dd3e855 from github.com/sdball/protohackers

Thanks again to @whatyouhide for the example code. I added it to this repo by retyping (and somewhat tweaking) the reference implementation.

I learned a lot of tricks about using kernel functions like update_in and put_in to handle updating nested state.

The approach to have the binary protocol functions in their own module was very nice. I learned some good tricks for more idiomatically matching binary messages as well.


<<@dispatcher, roads_count::8, roads::binary-size(roads_count * 2), rest::binary>>


def client_message(<<@dispatcher, roads_count::8, rest::binary>>) do
  case rest do
    <<roads::binary-size(roads_count * 2), rest::binary>> ->
      Logger.info("SLS.ClientMessage.dispatcher roads=#{inspect(roads)}")
      {:ok, dispatcher: Dispatcher.new(roads), rest: rest}

    _incomplete ->

That is, using roads_count to further match within the same binary pattern instead of having a secondary pattern match like I was doing originally.

It’s always a good idea to consider (and implement!) alternatives but I do prefer some aspects of my original approach to handling the generation of tickets from observations.

Happily, like for MITM, my existing integration tests for the Speed Daemon server worked against this new implementation as well. Hooray!

dd3e8553403083e6b8b83bf53ca3b1b0de76e6fe on sdball/protohackers

Commit dd3e855 from github.com/sdball/protohackers